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Friday, November 23, 2012

manga: Basara by Yumi Tamura

Title: Basara

Author&Artist: Yumi Tamura

genre: Shoujo, post-Apocalypse, romance, smut, tragedy, adventure,
psychological, politics, yaoi (minimal)

volumes, chapters: 01-27, 001-107 (complete)

status (in my computer): complete

characters: (arranged by appearance)
main/s (contains spoilers)
Sarasa (Destined one/"Tatara" AKA White Tiger)
Shuri (Red King the last son of the Emperor who is in charge of Chugoku,
Shikoku and Kyushu provinces, AKA Red Tiger on latter part of the story)
Ageha (Blue noble of the Nomads, used to be Slave #31 of Shidou's family,
AKA "Kichou the female entertainer"; originally will be the Blue King but assassinated
when he was a child, luckily he also survived. he adores Sarasa and thinks that she is his soul mate.
Later on the series, he will die because he wants Sarasa to live and fulfill her promise to him
about her ambition for the nation.)
Asagi ("Blue King's" Royal Guard "Gunjou", but in truth is the real Blue King
and older brother of Shuri; later on, it was revealed that he is just a replacement
to the assassinated Blue King in the past and the son of the current White King "queen")

Ma-kun (male friend of Sarasa, sacraficed when 8 yrs. in exchange of hiding
the real Tatara against the Red King's army)
Kakuji (guardian of Sarasa, originally from Abashiri prison)
Nagi (prophet of Byakko village within the Sanyou region and teacher of Sarasa;
originally will be the White King but assassinated when he was a child, luckily he survived.)
Chigusa (mother of Sarasa and Tatara, imprisoned by general Kazan)
Tatara (twin brother of Sarasa and said to be the destined one)
"unknown name" (father of Sarasa and Tatara, died from Red King's sword)
Kazan (general of Red King, commits suicide in the later part of the volumes)
"unknown name" (mother of Ma-kun)
"unknown name" (grand father of Sarasa and Tatara, died from the bridge)
Yato (horse originally owned and tamed by Tatara but later on owned by Sarasa)
Ashou (national treasurer of Red King yet became corrupt as the story reveals his character)
Yunoka (lover of Tatara, died from Asagi's sword)
Kagerou (male owl of Ageha)
Toki (horse of Shuri)
Hisha (messenger from Ochiori village near Byakko village)
madam Butterfly (manager of a performing travelers-entertainers)
Mario (a kid along with madam Butterfly)
Shidou (cousin-bestfriend of Shuri, Right hand man of Red King's army protecting Kyushu
and governor of Dazaifu; died from Hayato's shot arrow)
Hotaru (wife of Kagerou; mother owl of Nihonbashi, Yanagibashi, Takebashi and Shinbashi)
Rashou of Suzaku (great grandfather of Hayato and original owner of Suzaku sword,
died from the collapsed tunnel)
Genshou of Byakko (great grandfather of Sarasa and original owner of Byakko sword)
Shishiou (the traitor who sold the Suzaku leader to the Emperor)
Sakaki (newly trusted and intelligent arithmetic of the Red King, one of the Red King's Tennou)
Hayato (good at archery skill and current owner of Suzaku sword)
Senjyu (priestess and fiancee of Shidou)
"unknown name" (a bright red parrot that served as messenger between Shuri and Sarasa,
it also served as a way for Asagi to accidentally know in advance
the relationship between Shuri and Sarasa)
Chacha (female leader of Pirates in Kyushu, later on allied with "Tatara")
Zaki (right hand man of Chacha and lover?! LOL)
Shoujou (clan of Shishiou)
Tsuzuki of Saga (1st division of Shidou's army, died from earthquake)
Matsuragi (from Shidou's army, sole survivor from Shidou's army?!)
Tsukishiro (from Shidou's army, died from earthquake)
Raizo ("Blue King's" Chamberlain, leader of Rebellion against the "Blue King"
and owner of the Seiryuu sword)
Snake King (the stand in "Blue King", killed by the people and Asagi)
Sarbo (participant at Suzuka murder race,
later on allied with the rebellion against the "Blue King")
Matsumushi (participant at Suzuka murder race,
later on allied with the rebellion against the "Blue King")
Izumi (wife of the leader against the "Blue King")
Ranmaru/Ran (one of the four Kunshi, Blue King's trusted assassins)
Umewaka/Ume (one of the four Kunshi, Blue King's trusted assassins)
Muratake/Take (one of the four Kunshi, Blue King's trusted assassins.)
(..I think he likes Nachi ^,^ LOL)
Kikune/Kiku (one of the four Kunshi AKA Kasane, the only girl,
I think the one she likes is Muratake from what she mentions at page 181 of Volume 15
but she seemed to developed feelings for Oichi!, Blue King's trusted assassins)
lord Tsubaki (royal guard of Red King, killed by Ume under Ashou's order)
Nachi Motomiya (best friend of Hijiri and associate leader of Tengu hall)
Miki (Nachi's little child friend)
Hijiri Negoro (best friend of Nachi and leader of Tengu hall)
Ginko (female White King "queen" who despised "Hiiragi" for being an Oka
who killed her beloved husband; later it was revealed that she and Hiiragi are past lovers.
at the latter part, it was revealed that she still loves Hiiragi but she can no longer
make love to him because of her burned legs and Hiiragi's castration.)
Taro-chan (journalist/historian from Kyoto's publication)
doctor Basho (great doctor but travels often)
Yuna (apprentice of doctor Basho and engaged with Okinawa's president,
one of Red King's Tennou)
Momonoi of the North (substitute governor of Suou and one of the four elders,
the one who ordered to kill Unten, father of Hozumi)
Asato (Okinawa's president)
Unten (Okinawa's challenger to become the new president and
later on killed for not being useful to Momonoi)
Kazuno sect (North rebellion group)
Nakijin (childhood friend of Yuna and younger brother of Unten, one of Red King's Tennou)
Kinari Gumo (one of the three Torinoko brothers, assassins)
great red hair Eric (helped Sarasa & group to go to Okinawa)
Shota (comrade of Hayato that was left when they're captured at Tohoku)
Masunaga (leader of Masunaga fort)
Mizu no Shika (A Block guard)
Kaze no Fukur (cousin of the 4 Kings and the leader of the Abashiri Prison)
Nanao (prisoner no.50 and messenger sent to look for Tamon
his older brother within the Abashiri Prison)
Shirasu (prisoner no.13 from Abashiri Prison and a Hokuriki fisherman,
one who have a bargain with Ageha for not touching "Tatara")
Iwataro "Gan-san" (old guy imprisoned at the Abashiri Prison and the true Tsuchi no Kuma)
Yuba (messenger/spy for Yuna?!)
Tenma (former chief of Shikoku, one of Red King's Tennou)
Madame Ryu (wife of Tenma)
Hi no Kitsune (B Block guard, actually a kid)
Karon (Hi no Kitsune's subordinate and guardian)
Tsuchi no Kuma (C Block guard and among the prisoners)
Tamon (leader of Tamon fort and owner of Genbu sword that's made from bamboo)
Hozumi (only son of Momonoi, a good yet unique painter and lover of Renko)
Renko (a seam-stress, a journalist of Suou's daily and lover of Hozumi)
Sakurada of the East (one of the four elders, very care free type yet wise)
kid (killed because of "Tatara's uncaring moment")
Hermit (the one who encourage "Tatara" to be awaken again)
Juushoku (owner of house from Aobadera)
Rika (daughter of Juushoku, saved by Sarasa)
Takumi (older son of Juushoku, who also fell in love to Sarasa)
Murasaki-no-Ue (wife of the Black king)
Ichimatsu of Hida "Oichi" (3rd honored admiral and loyal to Murasaki no Ue)
(...He likes Kikune! LOL)
Mogami no kata (greedy concubine of Black king, later on gave up her schemes
knowing she can't inherit his kingdom)
Hachiya (vice-leader of Yarougumi)
Suzui (prisoner who talked with Shuri for a little, died in the prison)
Asoyama (one of the prisoners in Kyoto and was once arrested
by the Red King's army for establishing a school, joined Shuri after being freed)
Shikibu (prisoner in Kyoto and came from Byakko village)
Sakaiya (merchant and investor)
Hisoka (one of Yarougumi)
Hagiwara of the South (one of the four elders, courting the White king)
Kakihito "Hiiragi" (sensei of Shuri and knight of the White king, the assassin sent by White king
to kill "Tatara"; latter on in the series, it was revealed that he's the real and past lover of Ginko.
but, because of his loyalty to the king, he let Ginko be married during their teenage years.
few years later, he followed again the king's order when the king ordered him to get Ginko back
and assassinate Ginko's husband despite knowing that the husband of Ginko is innocent.
On the present time of the story, when Ginko asked him to make love to her,
it was revealed that he can no longer make love to Ginko because he was castrated by the king
when the king found out that he and Ginko are also lovers in the past.)
Shima (daughter of Tenma, have a crush on Shuri)
Futami (leader of Matsuyama)
Marugame (leader of Takamatsu)
Anan (leader of Tokushima)
Tsubaki (emperor's ambassador but is actually Hiiragi's first branch, killed by Asagi)
Raita (Raizou & Izumi's son)
Motomichi (Shidou & Senjyu's son)
"unknown name" (the black king's double since he looked like him)
Kazuma Mitsunari of Kai (Mogami's messenger and one of Black King's honored admiral)
Kiyomasa of Kaga (also one of Black King's honored admiral?)
"unknown name" (the real Black King, died from a trap set by Shuri's gang)
Yachiyo (have a relationship with Taro, but because she doubt Taro's love. she cooperated with the Shinsengumi)
Tachibana of the West (one of the four elders, the one who plead for Shuri
to return into being a Red king or take place the King's position)
Sazanka (Hiiragi's second branch)
Mizuki (Hiiragi's third branch)
Utsugi Hiiragi's fourth branch)
Kobushi (Hiiragi's fifth branch)
Kuchisashi (Hiiragi's sixth branch)
Shikimi (Hiiragi's seventh branch, and Hiiragi's left and right hand man)
Ama no Kata (former queen, mother of Shuri?)

notes: I'm hesitating to remove the character list part...
OTL (by the way, this is a stick man kneeling down, meaning Fail / pardon)

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